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xpersonalized's Journal

Personalized Icons & Banners
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nuintincowen / elvenfobs (Ashley)
_fadingstars (Sam)

Welcome to xpersonalized! This is a community for creating icons and banners (friends only, etc.), and membership is open to anyone and everyone at the moment. All community members are allowed to post entries, whether it be a selection of icons/banners, or a simple request.

If you see any icon/banner that you would like to personalized with your username, contact the creator of the icon/banner. If you are requesting an icon/banner, specify as to whether or not you want it personalized.


1) Post all icons/banners beneath an LJ-cut. (ex. <*lj-cut text="TEXT"*> - remove the two *'s) The only exception to this is for icons, which may have a few teasers.
2) Requests are allowed. Please include the picture you want (either the actual photo or a link), the text you want, and any special effects/animation/etc. you want included.
3) No direct linking. Save all icons/banners to your own server. It's not hard - right-click, save, and then upload the image to a photo-hosting site such as photobucket.com.
4) CREDIT. The creator of your icon/banner worked hard to make your images - give them credit if they ask you to.
5) Participate. Comment, post entries, etc. Keep the community alive - don't let us die. :(
6) Respect your fellow members. Being rude isn't very nice, now is it?
7) Promote, please. We're a small community at the moment, and hopefully we'll keep growing. If you can, please promote us - it would be greatly appreciated. ^-^
8) Absolutely no promoting of other communities! Your posts will be deleted, and you will be warned. If it occurs more than once, you will be banned.